Wishes Are

Wishes are like the deepest, darkest desire that not even you can dictate. They are a coincidence waiting to happen, a surprise meant to take your breath away, a force far from reach. They are the whispers from your heart. The sighings of your soul. The desire that pulses from within. If they were not these, they would not be a wish. They would not require beliefs, prayers, and dreams for them to come true. Yet, people keep saying that if you do not think about it, it’ll eventually come your way. Do they really mean you have to pretend amnesia or that you bury these wishes in the farthest abyss?

How do you forget something that you’ve wished for all your life? If all those birthday candles, those coins thrown in a fountain, the shooting stars watched, and the dandelions caught in your hand were for a wish that has been unfailingly constant, how do you pretend that they are not on your mind? How do you propose that you forget about it? Sweep it under a rug like dust? Stuff it in your closet like a rag doll? It can be that easy until the day you over-stuffed, over-swept, and then suddenly, everything gets out of control.

What is the use of a wish if they only exist to make you desire things not yet there? They are like a fantasy your heart weaves from air spun thread. Their sole purpose is to taunt you, mock you, frustrate you. But in the darkest moments of your life, all you can depend on are those wishes to console you, comfort you, and befriend the tears shed from a bleeding heart.